Buying a Freightliner Truck for Your Career as a Driver

Investing in a freight truck can be a decision that greatly expands the work options that are available to commercial drivers. While one of these vehicles will be a worthwhile investment, there is a large amount of misinformation about these trucks that can be misleading to individuals that may benefit from this purchase.

Myth: You Must Be Extremely Wealthy to Afford a Freight Truck

A freight truck will represent a sizable investment in your career as a driver. However, you should avoid assuming that you must already be wealthy to be able to afford one of these trucks. In addition to available financing options to make it easier to pay for these vehicles, it is also possible to opt for a used truck, and this can dramatically reduce the total cost of this vehicle.

Myth: The Mileage of a Used Freight Truck Will Be Among the Most Important Factors to Consider

While used freight trucks can be an extremely affordable option, it is a mistake for individuals to assume that the mileage of the vehicle is the most important factor when evaluating the condition of the vehicle. It may make more sense to heavily weigh base mileage when you are buying a passenger vehicle. However, commercial freight trucks will be able to last for far longer than most passenger vehicles due to these vehicles being designed for long mileage driving. Furthermore, it can be common for these vehicles to undergo total engine replacements, which can significantly extend the usable life of the vehicle. Rather than basing your decision over the condition of the vehicle primarily on the number of miles it has on it, you should review the maintenance logs for the vehicle and have it inspected by an independent mechanic to ensure that it will be in an acceptable condition.

Myth: There is Little Variation in the Amenities Offered by Freight Trucks

In addition to considering the mechanical condition of the vehicle, you will also want to be mindful of the types of amenities that you want it to have. If you are struggling to find a vehicle that has the types of features that you want, such as navigational systems, high-quality audio systems or heated seats, you may be able to upgrade trucks that do not currently have these features. While this may represent an added cost to purchasing one of these vehicles, it can be worth the costs, as you will spend a considerable amount of time in the truck.

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