Welcome to my website.

As I head down the retirement path, my interest is to help as many small and mid size companies ride out the wave of negativism that has been hitting the private sector for the last few years.

Yes, the rumors are true, my partner (Shawn Felts) and I sold our company in Texas last year and I have arranged a buyout with my partner (Howard Bright) in our Tampa office.  I have drastically cut down on my speaking engagements and plan to spend the balance of my working career on Consulting and the Discovery Retreats.

The idea is for me to help companies, not only to survive, but to increase their growth and profit by working more intelligently and planning and organizing their operations.

With my background in sales, sales management and management in this industry for over 30 years, and having worked with hundreds of Pest Control companies – I am sure I can help save you a lot of time and money. If you want to learn more about me 'click here' to read my biography.

My concentration is on moving you on a faster more professional track so that you can avoid making mistakes that can be costly and may end up in lawsuits.

So welcome to my world and please feel free to read on about upcoming retreats and information about my consulting. If you're interested in viewing our mission statement, 'click here'.

I hope to see you before I retire and spend the rest of my life doing what my wife tells me to do.

Bug People to Business PeopleDon't forget to consider purchasing my book Bug People to Business People. Inside this information-packed book, I give PMPS practical advice on creating job descriptions, hiring the right people, and retaining those same people so they can help your business grow and profit. Insightful, witty, and irreverent as always, I offer PMPS a roadmap for turning their
mom-and-pop operation into a full-fledge corporation.


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Lloyd Smigel