3 Reasons It Is So Important To Change The Oil In Your Car Regularly

Despite most vehicle owners being well aware of the frequency with which their oil should be changed, many of these individuals still fail to perform this basic maintenance task on a regular basis. Oftentimes this is because individuals simply do not understand just how important an oil change can be. Thankfully, by the time you are done reading below, you will be far less likely to make this same mistake. 

#1: Regular Oil Changes Protect Your Engine From Damage

Motor oil plays a very important part in protecting your engine from heat and friction damage. Over time, motor oil gets dirty and begins to thicken. This makes your oil less effective at coating and protecting the moving parts inside your engine. This can also result in deposits being left behind in your engine that can ultimately clog vital valves. This can cause your engine to seize and ultimately require major repairs or replacement. Having your oil changed regularly is an easy and very affordable way to prevent this type of major damage to your vehicle's engine. 

#2: Regular Oil Changes Improve Your Gas Mileage

With many areas experiencing all-time record high gas prices, the ability to save money at the pump is more important now than ever before. What you may not realize is that failing to have your oil changed on a regular basis could actually be contributing to how much money you are spending on fuel. This is because as your motor oil becomes thicker, your engine has to work harder to keep this oil circulating properly. This ultimately results in more fuel consumption. By simply taking your vehicle in for an oil change, you will be able to improve the fuel efficiency of your engine and save yourself some cash at the gas station.

#3: Regular Oil Changes Can Help Protect Your Car's Warranty

If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer's warranty, it is even more important that you keep up with all of your recommended maintenance. This includes having your oil changed according to the maintenance schedule recommended for your specific vehicle. This is because if your vehicle breaks down due to a lack of maintenance, you could find that these repairs are not covered under your warranty. For example, if your engine is damaged because you fail to get an oil change, you could end up paying for a new engine out of your own pocket since the lack of required maintenance will void your warranty coverage. 

For more information on a car oil change, contact a company near you.