Why Car Services Are So Crucial On New Cars

There is nothing quite like buying your first new car, from the smell to the smooth ride, everything can seem like a bit of a dream at first. However, before long you will probably get a notification reminding you about your car services that need to be fulfilled to keep your car in good working order. Sometimes this can be just a couple of months, which is quicker than quite a lot of older cars with far worse materials and components in them. So why do you need to be so proactive when it comes to new car services? Here are a few reasons that illuminate this process.

Testing Has Revealed Any Early Problems You Need To Avoid

When new cars are made they are tested for a fair bit of time, and driven through all range of environments to see how they respond. If, for example, the manufacturers discover that you get a slight issue with your spark plugs after 10,000 miles but that this can be rectified with a brief service then they will note this down as a necessary service that all owners of this new car need to undertake to keep their warranty intact. Most new cars come with a logbook that indicates at what intervals you will need to get your new car serviced, and after a while, this goes into a regular schedule that is similar to every other car on the road. 

Reveal Any Surprise Issues With Manufacturing

Unfortunately, sometimes you simply get bad luck when it comes to a new car and get a unit that has a defect hidden in it somewhere. These defects often present themselves in the first year or so, which is why car services are so important in this time frame. When caught early, a lot of these defects can be fixed without major structural changes. After that initial year if your car is still behaving properly then there is likely very little chance that you got a lemon and you can feel safe moving to longer intervals between services.

Keeping Up With The Logbook

As aforementioned, many new cars come with logbooks that tell you how often you need to go to a service to keep your warranty, as well as which car dealership or mechanic are licensed to complete these services. Sometimes there is no reason to complete these services other than to fulfill your end of the contract so that if the worst were to happen and your car was to break down out of nowhere that you would be covered under warranty. Many new car owners have been caught out within a year or two by not staying up to date with their logbook, and this is an expensive mistake to make, so even if the services seem pointless remember that the alternative is much worse. 

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