"Admiral Pest Control, Inc is a third generation, family owned business. Being a family owned and operated business has unique advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to do things the same way just because that was what was comfortable. We realized that in order to take our business to the next level we needed some outside perspective and expertise.

Over the last 10 years, Lloyd Smigel has been instrumental in helping us to expand our business. He gave us a fresh perspective and provided insight on how other companies we admire and respect have grown to the size they are. He challenged us to go outside of our comfort zone and “think outside the box”.

Lloyd asked us hard questions and helped us develop short term and long term goals for the company. He helped us create timelines to obtain and measure our progress toward those goals. He not only provides tools on how to expand and grow your business, he also helps you analyze your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

We have walked away from every training session with Lloyd excited to implement the ideas we developed with his coaching. Our staff was very excited and motivated after meeting with him. He has a unique ability to evaluate people and instruct on how to use their innate abilities to be the best they can be.

As owners of the company we try to push our employees to be the best and Lloyd does the same thing for Jeff and me. Everybody can use constructive criticism once in a while or an unbiased opinion. We definitely think it is worth the money to have Lloyd come out once a year to give us a swift kick in the right direction."
- Brian J. Jones, Vice-President for Admiral Pest Control, California

"I have known Lloyd and worked with him for over seven years. He has provided an enormous amount of management and sales training to my staff and me. He seems to have an endless supply of experience and information. Lloyd has contributed significantly to the growth and profitability of our company. Instead of concentrating on one area such as sales, he focuses on the overall health of the business including company culture and operations as well as sales. Through my partnership with Lloyd our company has had substantial growth every year and I have met PMPs all over the country with whom we now share information to our mutual benefit."
- Shawn Felts - President, Express Pest Control in McKinney, Texas

"Lloyd Smigel has been and continues to be a proven asset to me, personally, and as a business resource. I particularly enjoy his humor, brainpower and awareness. When he enters my business world it is as if he is my partner. He objectively reviews and observes my operation in a way that rejuvenates my entrepreneurial spirit and reminds me why I am in business. It is for my family, my vision and my employees."
- Jeff Ahrens, President of Ant-SER Termite & Pest Control in Murdock, FL.

"I do not know where to begin. First, I wish I had followed through a year sooner, the first time I talked to Lloyd about consulting for our company. I did what many people probably do and I thought that maybe things would get better. I also kept thinking I would have a great idea that would solve all of our problems. Nothing was improving. Morale was low and getting lower everyday. The American dream of owning my own business was starting to seem like a punishment, not a blessing. I was beginning to wonder if I would be better off working for someone else. I was starting to feel like the hassle wasn't worth it. I can't even begin to describe how peaceful I felt after Lloyd came to our office for three days because he helped me understand what steps I needed to take to make it all work.

Lloyd's approach was very effective and well prepared. He spent the first day with our employees listening and learning about our company. Don't be surprised to learn that your employees hold the key to a lot of information about the needs of your business. I was a little reluctant about this process because I felt this was going to be a reflection of me. Lloyd made me feel very comfortable about what he learned from them and used this information to help me, not make me feel bad about mistakes I was making. The second day, we actually went out in the field and he showed me how other companies promote outside sales. The third day was spent strategizing on what needs to happen and how to make it happen. Probably the most helpful information on this day was learning what structure was needed to properly run the company.

The list of things to be done was long. Lloyd helped me prioritize and organize this list and I was shown the things that must be done to resolve the immediate problems. Up to this point, everything he recommended has worked the way he said it would with nothing but the best results, as promised. Now that the structure is in place we can focus on growing the company and doing it in a way that we can properly control and manage our growth. One thing he taught me is to not grow faster than you can manage or it will not be successful.

It's been about six months now and business has gotten much better and continues to get better every day. Growth is not a stress anymore, it is now something I look forward to. We are growing, and will continue to grow, now that we have the tools we need.

When hiring a consultant, my advice would be to hire somebody who is actively involved in our industry. Lloyd has two successful pest control companies, this is very important to a business owner taking advice from a consultant.

I have decided to have Lloyd return again about eight months from his first visit. We are going to focus on sales training and structure to manage and maintain our new sales and marketing approach. This has made owning my own business the American dream, like it should be. Lloyd I thank you, my employees thank you, and my family thanks you."
- Bryan D. Aslakson, President of Humboldt Termite & Pest Control, Oregon

"All “U” Need Pest Control, is a small company that Craig and Kim Carlson Started in Cape Coral Fl, back in 2003. Although we are a fairly new business, owner Craig Carlson is not new to the Pest Control world.

We have built our business on referrals and reputation in maintaining a good community. We have found that with each growth period we have been forced to reassess how we operate as a business.

We were introduced to Lloyd Smigel through another local pest control company. After evaluating that company, it became apparent to us that they had grown as a successful business with confidence and structure, taking great strides in a relatively short amount of time.

Craig and I met with Lloyd in August 2006, while he was with our company he treated it like his own. He spoke with our staff and they were highly motivated and ready for the new changes that he had in store for us.

Mr. Smigel has opened many doors of opportunities for my employees and my customers. By asking us hard questions and helping us develop goals. We went through a step by step process to achieve a sound foundation for my company. This has provided us with a plan to expand and to grow our business in a direction that is safe, smart and successful. By challenging our way of thinking, Lloyd has shown us many opportunities and fresh ideas that we were otherwise potentially going to miss. We have been introduced to seminars and other educational programs that we can use as resources, which is a step in the right direction. It is very exciting.

Now we see the value of Lloyd Smigel's services and I ask myself why I didn't hire him sooner? We are looking forward to him coming back for the second round. Lloyd has taken us out of the school yard and placed us in the ball park, now we're ready to hit a home run."
- Kim Carlson, Vice President of All “U” Need Pest Control, Florida

"Lloyd, thank you so much for your help with our office.  You did an excellent job of assisting us in organizing our operation into a well managed company.  You covered job descriptions, sales, mission statements, company vision, employee handbooks and P & L statements.  However, most importantly, you got me excited about my company again!  I appreciate your hard work and empathy for small pest control operators like myself.  If I can help your efforts in any way, please do not hesitate to call.  Thank you!"
- Doug Foster, President of Burt's Termite & Pest Control in Columbus, IN



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