Lloyd's Keynote Presentations and Seminar Selections

Below you will find titles of Keynote Speeches that Lloyd has made for Pest Control Associations around the country.  If you would like Lloyd to speak at your State Association meeting - contact Terry at (760) 751-0336 or email her at: terrycare@att.net

Bug people to Business People
(Based on his book)


Working in a family owned business


SUCCESSION: How TO Turn My Company Over To Family


Lowering Turnover + Avoiding Lawsuits = More Profit


CHANGE and Delegation – Evolution or Extinction


How to Set up a Corporate Strategy


Setting Sales Strategies for Your Company


Without learning Sales Management, you lose


Consultative Sales


How to Break Through That “invisible wall”

Basic Training for New Managers
(Based on his first book)


The New Boss-Administrative Assistant TEAM


Getting out of a Rut


Control Anti Terrorism - Control your Grapevine


Avoiding Conflicts BEFORE They Happen


Rx for Business Survival – Learn to change or die


FIGHTING APATHY – Getting Buy-In from Your Employees


Remedy for Business Blues – Mutual Accountability


How to Become proactive Instead of Reactive


Life Sucks! - So What's New?


Lloyd's Articles

Over the years Lloyd has written hundreds of articles for various Publications in the industry, including PCT, Pest Control Management, NPMA as well as 20-30 State Periodicals. Many people have actully started a "Lloyd's Looseleaf" collecting these articles and catogarizing them. So, the least he could do is post some of those from the past as well as updating new ones for you. So - here they are. Lloyd hopes you get some ideas from them. 



For more information call (760) 751-0336 or email Terry at: terrycare@att.net