Lloyd Smigel's Biography

Lloyd has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 30 years. He was certified in Arizona, Texas, as well as Licensed in California for pest, termite and fumigation. He was the first National Training director for Truly Nolen of America. At the time they had over 50 offices.

Since 1988, Lloyd has completed consulting work with many Pest Control Companies throughout the United States. He is one of the few consultants to actually FIELD TRAIN sales reps on how to CREATE, track and organize sales WITHOUT LEADS.

Lloyd has taught many sales courses throughout the industry and helped develop corporate strategies with many small private and family-owned businesses. His focus in the Pest Control industry has been in Dealing with Change, Strategy, Sales Management, Sales and Interpersonal Skills as well as Employee Retention and Leadership.

Lloyd has helped many PMP's avoid problems BEFORE they occur. He helps create and/or re-focus the Company’s direction leading towards specific goals - MBO (Management by Objective) - Objectives with higher standards, as opposed to working faster and harder and spinning their wheels. The focus to keep a company on target as opposed to moving in circles. He has also taught companies how to get out of “the ruts” and helped them break through that “invisible wall” that seems to keep them from progressing.

His presentations have received Continuing Educational points in Washington, California, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina and Florida. He has presented several times at NPMA as well as presented Keynote addresses for Hawaii, California, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Louisiana, Arkansas as well as presenting the Key Note address at the 2000 Purdue Conference.

Lloyd has a column in Pest Control Magazine and writes articles for 22 other State and National Trade magazines - a combined circulation of well over 100,000 monthly.

Lloyd helped write the syllabus for an accredited college management course based on his book, Basic Training for New Managers, (published by Lowell House) at CalPoly Pomona, CA. His new book, Bug People to Business People has recently been published by Pest Control Magazine.

Lloyd was a partner in two Pest Control companies, one in Dallas and one in Tampa.  In his quest to retire, his Dallas operation was recently sold and his partner in Tampa has arranged to buy him out. 

Lloyd is still currently operating his “Discovery Retreats” which have been running since 1999.  It’s main goal is to have companies get together to learn and share specific information on specific topics over two days.  The Discovery Retreats meet 3 times per year to tackle topics from Sales to Hiring & Interviewing to Company Strategy, with many more topics in between. Its focus is to train Supervisors and Managers to be more effective in their businesses.

“All this and he is also very good-looking and very humble.”
- Helen Smigel, his mother.


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